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Christine Beaulieu: A deeply committed actress and author.

Born in Trois-Rivières, Christine Beaulieu loves to discover new places in Québec and enjoys meeting new people as a part of her work as an actress. You may have seen her in TV shows such as 'District 31', in plays such as 'Seeds/Grains,' or in movies such as 'Norbourg.' She began her acting career through theatre at the end of high school, where she was encouraged by her entourage to continue acting. She describes her path towards success as a brick-by-brick construction due to the harsh years filled with countless rejections during her twenties. This is the complete opposite of her husband, Roy Dupuis, who gained immense success during his twenties with shows such as 'Les Filles de Caleb.'

Although she has been an actress for over 20 years, she surprised many in 2017 by releasing an environmental book titled 'J'aime Hydro,' in which she discusses Hydro-Québec. Along with the play of the same name, she received numerous prizes, including the Michel-Tremblay prize for the best dramatic text, and has gained respect as an author. She intends to keep writing about the environment with her upcoming book 'Les Saumons de la Rivière Mitis' which describes the perspective of a salmon in the Mitis River, which is blocked by two hydroelectric plants.

She rarely says no, even if she says she needs an invitation to do something. Such dedication and implication in the community is respectable for a woman with such a busy acting schedule. Her difficult path toward success exemplifies hard work and perseverance to achieve her goals.


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