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Celebrating the lunar new year with LBPSB International

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The dormitory students of the Lester B. Pearson International Programs are getting ready to ring in the lunar new year in a fun and engaging way.

In preparation for the Lunar New Year on February 1st, 2022, the students of the John Killingbeck Student Dormitories had the chance to take part in a dumpling-making workshop, led by the dormitory's kitchen staff.

According to Chinese tradition, it is customary to eat these delicious treats on New Year's Eve (January 31st), the first day of the new year (February 1st), and the 5th day of the new year (February 5th).

"Because their shape resembles the monetary ingots used in ancient times, dumplings are believed to bring wealth in the coming year."
- Lester B. Pearson School Board International Programs

Image courtesy of Shalini Dowlani

The primary goal was to celebrate the wide array of cultures and backgrounds that are represented in the dormitory, all the while educating students of different cultural backgrounds about this Chinese tradition. The workshop also allowed Chinese students - who have traveled from very far - to experience a little taste of home.

Students from Thailand and Iran also participated in the workshop and were quick to jump on the opportunity to learn from their Chinese and connect through the senses.

"These activities also help the students build bonds and relationships with each other, share laughs during a somewhat bleak time, and above all it helps create positive memories of their experience living in Montreal whilst attending our schools."
- Shalini Dowlani, Manager, International Programs, LBPSB

Image courtesy of Shalini Dowlani


Wishing all those who celebrate a very happy lunar new year!

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