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CBD Oil For Cats Suffering Feline Senile Dementia

Cats are fiercely independent creatures who virtually care for themselves. Pet parents. But as age progresses, both medical and psychological disorders can develop for our felines in the same manner as humans.

It can be challenging with kitty to know when they’re in distress as most tend to suffer in silence until the problem is advanced. But with conditions like dementia, the animal has little control. Follow for a guideline on kitty dementia.

Essential for overall feline wellness, the older she gets is regular monitoring from the vet. While medical providers tend to prescribe pharmaceuticals for many health-related ailments, most pet parents today are looking for a more holistic approach to their pet care. The most popular option is one of the leading cannabinoids comprising the cannabis plant known as cannabidiol or CBD.

CBD And Cats

Historically cannabis was a natural medicinal treatment, but more recently, researchers isolated the CBD component. It touts as providing the purported benefits of cannabis but without the intoxicating effects resulting from tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive element in cannabis.

Clinical studies show the compound has properties having effectiveness for a number of symptoms associated with specific health ailments for humans. But there is little research evidencing benefits for cats. There are, however, anecdotal reports showing successes with use for the species.

A majority of kitties are typically quiet about their maladies. They are less likely to be able to hide symptoms associated with feline senile dementia. These will result in prominent personality or behavior changes. When you notice changes of any kind even slight in your feline, it can be an indication of this or any number of health-related issues, particularly if the years are beginning to accumulate for your furry friend.

That doesn’t mean that you need to start your pet on cannabidiol as a solution. You should never initiate a substance without a vet consultation and a specific diagnosis. The underlying condition might require advanced medical attention besides CBD oil. Leaving the vet out of the equation could lead to serious health consequences.

The Benefits Of CBD For The Senior Cat

Sadly, many animals endure dementia in the elder years the same as humans, and cats are no exception. It’s one of many conditions prevalent in the species. Fortunately, as with all mammals, felines have an endocannabinoid system or ECS that acts as a ‘communication’ center for receptors and associated chemicals traveling throughout the body and the brain of the animal.

Although Cannabinoids are naturally produced in the kitty’s body, as with anything, there can be deficiencies. When there is an imbalance, supplementation using cannabinoids derived from hemp like cannabidiol helps the ECS regulate the body’s functions, including pain sensations, temperature, sleeping, memory, mood, appetite, reproduction, inflammation, and so much more, for overall wellness.

This is especially beneficial for the aging feline who may be experiencing the beginning stages of cat Alzheimer’s.

  • Feline Senile Dementia: As kitty gets older, they endure neural degeneration. For an older cat, a common sign that they are starting to battle this condition is howling for no apparent reason. If your cat is not usually one to meow but suddenly is very talkative, they might be experiencing distress or have become disoriented due to bouts of confusion.

Claims suggest cannabidiol has shown the ability to regenerate cells in the brain and improve neuroplasticity. Reports suggest the substance has been used for human soldiers who have been the victims of head injuries. The thought process is to surmise cats suffering dementia should receive similar results due to the fact their receptor system is similar to that of a human for the cannabinoids.

  • Anxiety: As your cat experiences the symptoms associated with kitty Alzheimer’s, their stress and anxiety will increase. Your pet can even begin to develop fear, feel threatened, and start to lash out. It’s difficult for animals to understand when their world doesn’t make sense anymore, especially for a feline who typically has complete control.

With the use of cat CBD symptoms relating to anxieties and stressors are reduced enabling the animals to relax. In this way, your pet may have the opportunity to rest or perhaps get sleep during the night and enjoy a decent appetite.

Cannabidiol products tout as having properties beneficial in relieving episodes of chronic pain. Unfortunately, the aging feline may be enduring joint pain or other degenerative issues in addition to neurological disorders. Managing all of these symptoms with an organic, nontoxic substance disallows the worry of adverse reactions as CBD touts few if any side effects.

The products are pet-friendly, specially made for cats, with varied administration possibilities, including flavored treats that reportedly are popular with the animals.

Getting a pet to consume medication can often be a challenge and stressful for the animal. For a pet dealing with dementia, it would not understand the situation adding to the anxiety. Ensuring a smoother process keeps kitty comfortable with no fear of potential aggression.

Final Thought

Pet parents dread the idea of their pets getting older, and all that comes with that. When you start to see the gray hair coming on their chins, there is sadness because it’s merely a matter of time before health issues begin to pop up for the poor fur baby.

When you notice the personality changing, behavior is different, mobility is slow, or the animal is challenged when getting up or in lying down, it’s wise to make a vet visit.

In most cases, vets tend to lean towards pharmaceuticals for the aging cat, but this species has a difficult time handling the chemicals. For a feline, a holistic approach is easier for their system to handle. Find out if cannabidiol is safe for cats at .

Anecdotal studies suggest CBD oil is tolerated well by kitties and effective in their care for a number of symptoms brought on by specific conditions. Cats like to be in control of themselves, but when they ultimately relent and let us know they need us, it’s important we show up strong for them.

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