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CALACS West Island; a driving force in sexual violence prevention and support.

**Trigger warning; mentions of sexual violence**

CALACS, or les Centres d’Aide et de Lutte Contre les Agressions à Caractère Sexuel, exist all across Québec. The aim of these centers is to provide support to women survivors of sexual violence and to educate and engage the community through preventative awareness trainings. The demographic that CALACS serves will include transgender, non-binary and bi-spiritual people in the upcoming months.

CALACS West Island psychosocial workers Katérina (left) and Jacinthe (right)

Specifically, here at the West Island location, support groups are offered for victims of sexual violence, as are meetings and follow-ups, legal clinics to help them through judicial proceedings, and workshops to support the healing process for victims. Services are also provided to teenagers and those indirectly impacted by a loved one's trauma.

In a conversation with two of the organization's West Island team members, we discuss the programs and services offered by CALACS and the pathway it provides for those healing from sexual traumas. We also discussed the stigmas surrounding sexual violence, how to support a survivor, violence in the workplace, and legal proceedings resulting from sexual violence.

For more information about the organization, visit

SOURCE: CALACS de l’Ouest de l’Île

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