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BREAKING: Legault announces complete deconfinement plan

Image courtesy of the Government of Quebec.

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Premier François Legault announced an official plan of deconfinement for the province of Quebec. In the past three weeks, hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have decreased from 3400 to 2400, which the Premier said was promising.

Although the situation is still precarious, and there is still the potential for hospitalizations to increase, the Premier says that the province will basically be back to normal life as of March 14th.

Continue below for the complete breakdown.


Quebec's official plan of deconfinement:

Saturday, February 12th:

No legal limit on private gatherings, although according to public health, no more than 10 people or 3 households is recommended.

Legault emphasized the importance of calculating individual risk. When gathering, Quebecers should ask themselves: "How many people have three doses?" "How many people are over the age of 60?"

As of Saturday, restaurants will also be allowed a total of 10 people or 3 households at a table.

Monday, February 14th:

Inter-team sporting games will be permitted.

Outdoor concerts and festivals will be permitted to host a capacity of 5000.

Monday, February 21st:

Concert halls will remain at a reduced capacity of 50%, but will no longer have a 500 person limit.

Places of worship will continue to run at a reduced capacity of 50% but will be allowed to host a maximum of 500 people as compared to the previous 250.

Businesses to reopen at 100% capacity.

Monday, February 28th:

Sporting tournaments will reconvene.

Working from home will no longer be an obligation, but instead a recommendation.

Concert halls and places of worship will be able to run at 100% capacity except for the Bell Centre in Montreal and the Videotron Centre in Quebec City.

Bars will re-open at 50% capacity, however singing and dancing will not be permitted.

Monday, March 14th:

Bars, restaurants, and stadiums will re-open at 100% capacity. Dancing and Singing will be permitted. Barring safety measures such as sanitizing and mask-wearing, Legault says March 14th will be the province's return to "normal" life.


Legault made it a point to acknowledge that West Islanders and those across the province must "learn to live with the virus." He acknowledged the possibility of a 6th wave and said that COVID-19 is not going anywhere any time soon.

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