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Archaeological excavations have begun in the Pointe-Claire Village.

Previous excavations have unearthed human remains, historical objects, and building remnants.

PHOTO: The City of Pointe-Claire

Archaeological excavations will be ongoing on Saint-Joachim and Sainte-Anne avenues in Pointe-Claire Village until the end of September. The City has extended an invite to the public to watch the archaeologists at work and appreciate the historical discoveries.

The Agglomeration of Montréal land use and development plan has identified the heritage site of La Pointe-Claire as an area of archaeological interest. The purpose of the research being conducted is to continue the documentation efforts aimed at reconstructing the past through the study of the material remains.

The completion of these works is pursuant to The Québec Cultural Heritage Act. According to LégisQuébec from the Government of Québec, this Act "promotes, in the public interest and from a sustainable development perspective, the knowledge, protection, enhancement, and transmission of cultural heritage, which is a reflection of a society's identity."

Some traffic interruptions are planned during the work on Saint-Joachim and Sainte-Anne avenues. In addition, work completion is subject to change depending on the archaeological discoveries.

There was an archaeological excavation south of the Village in 2019. Previous findings from this dig unearthed human remains, ceramic objects, and remnants of preexisting buildings. This information was used to date and create a preliminary timeline of the Village's history.

SOURCE: The City of Pointe-Claire

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