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Animatch’s Available Furry Friends – October 2021

Are you looking to adopt a dog? Animatch has what you are looking for. The West Island News is collaborating with Animatch to match dogs to a suitable family.


Thinsel here. Still waiting for my forever family. I know you're out there somewhere.

Here's a recap of Thinsel's time with us. She was found wandering lost and terrified, hungry and dehydrated, with bloody feet. Because of her condition, her age was estimated at around seven years old. She was adopted out that way, but as her health improved and her energy increased, it was discovered that she was much younger and not at all suited to her adoptive family. Thinsel has now spent a lot of time with her Foster Mom and is doing well. She has even attended a couple of Meet 'N Greets. She's high energy and needs her walks every day. She plays very rough and isn't a candidate for the dog park. She' s food oriented, which makes her reasonably easy to train. She already knows several commands. She's living with two other dogs and isn't food aggressive. If her new family is reading this, please fill out the form. Thinsel is waiting to take the last step in her long journey. CHIMO-MALE-HUSKY X - 6 YEARS OLD

Chimo came from Whapmagoostui injured and untrusting. He had a family but spent most of his time outdoors. There was a fight over food with a pack of dogs and Chimo lost. Despite having had his own people, he'll have to learn how to live in a family home. He isn't a candidate for apartments or condos, as he's in love with the sound of his own voice. Chimo's very rough taking treats, so an adult home or one with teenagers is preferable. He gets along with female dogs if introductions are done properly, but even they have to stay away from his food bowl. Cats and smaller animals are out of the question. Chimo loves winter and everything that goes with it. Take him along when you go snowshoeing or cross country skiing. He could be just the addition to your family that you've been looking for. SHANDY-FEMALE- MIXED BREED- 4 1/2 YEARS OLD

Shandy is an unclaimed stray who has now spent some time at École de Formation des Intervenants canins du Québec.(FIC) They have worked at getting her used to being handled and manipulated. She needs an experienced family that would not only continue her training, but would see that she exercises her mind and body. Shandy should be your one and only pet, and as we have no history, an adult home or one with children over twelve years old would be preferable. If you are willing and able to follow the instructions of FIC, you and Shandy should have a long and wonderful life together. PANDA- FEMALE-BORDER COLLIE, BLUE HEELER X - 2 YEARS OLD

Panda came to Animatch through the Central Texas Ruffugees. She's a little shy and can be a submissive pee-er. This isn't a training problem, and requires patience and understanding. Obedience training would boost her confidence. She gets along well with other dogs and could easily live with gentle, respectful children. Whoever welcomes Panda into their home will have to give her the time to adjust and become comfortable. After that, she is yours for the next ten to fifteen years.

For more information on Thinsel, Chimo, Shandy, Panda, or any of the other dogs available for adoption, go to

Animatch and Animo-Nourri are hosting a fundraiser on October 23, 2021. A bbq with a canine meet and greet and a costume competition. There is a $10 registration fee with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Animatch. The event will take place from 10:00-3:00 rain or shine. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Animatch


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