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Animatch: Dogs up for adoption

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With the new year just around the corner, you may be contemplating adding a new member to your family! As always, it's recommended to adopt before shopping, especially when Animatch has so many cuties waiting for their forever home.

Check out all the new pups available for adoption at Animatch below.


Jersey - Female - Australian Shepherd - 5 years old Jersey is about to spend her second Christmas with Animatch. She has a few quirks, but don't we all. She has been at École de formations des intervenants canins du Québec long enough and the crew there can give you lots of tips. Heaven for Jersey would be an experienced, active, adult family who knows and understands Australian Shepherds. She has learned to walk and not be bothered by other dogs, but she still doesn't want them in her space. Jersey was originally surrendered because of illness in her family and was really thrown for a loop. This shouldn't be the end of the line for a dog with so much potential. Give her a second look. Maybe you're the one who'll be lucky enough to have her as your companion for the next ten to fifteen years.

Image courtesy of Animatch

Shandy - Female - Mixed Breed - 4 1/2 Years Old Shandy was an unclaimed stray who has now spent some time at École de formations intervenants canins du Québec (FIC). They have worked at getting her used to being handled and manipulated. We are looking for an experienced family who would not only continue her training but would see that she also exercises her mind. Shandy should be your one and only pet, and as we have no history, an adult home or one with children over twelve years old would be preferable. If you are willing and able to follow the instructions of FIC and have an active lifestyle, you could be the family she's looking for.

Image courtesy of Animatch

Marshmallow - Female - Labrador X - 2 Years Old Marshmallow is a Northern girl who arrived a few days before delivering eight pups. The little guys have all gone to their forever homes, and now it's Marshmallow's turn. She's looking for an active family who will include her in their fun. She needs lots of daily exercises, and a fenced yard would also be an asset. Obedience classes would teach her a lot of what she needs to know. Marshmallow has some sensitivity to certain foods and we are trying to find the perfect food or blend of foods. Imagine spending the next ten to fifteen years with this people-pleasing beauty by your side.

Image courtesy of Animatch

Thinsel - Female - Husky X - 3 Years Old Thinsel is one of our long-haulers. Dogs aren't like houses for sale: we don't take them off the market when they've been there too long. Just because their picture remains on our site, doesn't mean there's a big problem. Thinsel has been with a Foster Mom for quite a while and she has mostly good things to say about her. Thinsel is very high energy and needs long walks. She likes other dogs but plays very rough. Because of this, she isn't a candidate for the dog park. She's very food motivated and this keeps her focused when training. Obedience classes are a must and she already knows a few commands. She isn't toy or food aggressive and is currently living with two dogs. Because she's so rough, play has to be supervised. She should be crated when you leave the house. Thinsel loves car rides and counter surfing. For more information on Thinsel's background, go to our website.

Image courtesy of Animatch


SOURCE: Animatch


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