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An update on the health crisis in Quebec from Health Minister, Christian Dubé

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The health minister held a press conference on Tuesday at 1 pm to address the ongoing health crisis in Quebec.

He was quick to emphasize the importance of booking your vaccine appointment. For some it's their first dose, for others it's their third. And for immunocompromised people, a fourth dose is also available. Dubé emphasized the importance that citizens wait the minimum three-month period before their additional dose which can be booked on the Clic Santé portal.

Hospitals are currently facing a crisis where more and more people are sick, and fewer and fewer employees are coming to work because they are sick as well. Although the peak in hospitalizations is expected to come soon, we have not yet attained it. As such, it is crucial to maintain public health guidelines.

There are currently approximately 12,000 frontline workers who are off from work due to illness.

Dubé emphasized his thanks to all healthcare workers who have either taken on more hours and picked up extra shifts, and those who have even left retirement to come back and reinforce our healthcare system.

One thing that was abundantly clear amongst Dubé, Boileau, and Opatrny is that the situation in Quebec is still incredibly fragile. "Now more than ever, we must maintain our distance and reduce our contacts", said Boileau.

Dr. Lucie Opatrny touched briefly on the approval of oral treatment PAXLOVID for certain priority patients. Although the approval of an oral treatment is good news, Quebecers must recognize that we have very limited doses and that they will be distributed to patients who cannot be adequately protected by the vaccine.

At this time, our best defense against the virus is the vaccine.

Although there have been talks of a contingency plan which would lower the minimum standard of care for patients, the Health Minister was sure to emphasize that those measures are not being taken at this time.

"It is important for us to be prepared in an ever-evolving situation", said Dubé.


Source: The Government of Quebec

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