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A new dog park is arriving to Kirkland

Dog owners of Kirkland have been asking for the city to develop a dog park/run and finally, their hard work has paid off. The city of Kirkland has announced in their 2022 budget that a dog park will be available at Bénévoles Park.

Karen Cliffe the District 8 councillor in Kirkland said that the park that is available for both large and small breed dogs will be built in the spring leading into the summer. The city will be putting in sod with a new retaining wall and there will be access to parking, bathrooms and water.

Cliffe also mentioned that the exact dimensions of the park will be coming soon and that it will be a good centralized area.

The park will have a fenced-in area where dogs can run freely and hang out with all their furry friends. All dogs must be accompanied by their owners inside the park and their human owners should make sure to follow all the rules that will be posted outside the entrances of the dog run.

The park will be located between the southwest section of Benevoles park and the Danesco building. It will be Bordering the service road of Highway 40. The park will be open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, 7 days a week.

Send us pictures of your fluffy friend enjoying the freedom once the park opens!


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