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A local family has three cats searching for a new home

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A local family unexpectedly lost a loved one, and due to unforeseen circumstances have decided to re-home their three cats.

Below is a message from them, and details on the animals.


Our son-in-law died unexpectedly in early October leaving behind our daughter, our two young grandchildren, and their three beloved cats. Due to the circumstances, the family is moving to live with relatives.

Sadly, allergies at the new home necessitate finding homes for these sweet cats. All three cats were rescues and joined their family as kittens. They are indoor cats and they are very loved.

Our daughter's current home must be vacated soon so time is of the essence. We will screen all potential fosters/adopters to ensure that only the most suitable forever homes will be considered.

Our hope, for the time being, is that the cats can be fostered (we would be open to adoption if the right match is found.) It would of course be incredible if all three cats could stay together, however, we realize that this may not be possible.

Our daughter and her children have had their lives changed in an instant and we want to ensure that their cats will find fosters or are adopted by someone who will be kind, gentle, and love them the way they are accustomed to.


The cats:

  1. Lily - 1 1/2-year-old female, tortoiseshell, spayed, vaccinated

  2. Kinney - 5-year-old female, spayed, vaccinated

  3. Boos - 16-year-old female, spayed, vaccinated


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