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A Bridgerton Ball is Coming to Montreal

image courtesy of unsplash, ballroom, chandelier, royal

Have you dreamt of entering the world of Bridgerton? Your dream can now become a reality with The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience coming to Montreal in 2022.

Dress up in your most elegant fashion, travel through time to the year 1813 in London, and immerse yourself in the world of Bridgerton. Prepare yourself for a thrilling event filled with music, dance, and cocktails all inspired by the hit series.

Bridgerton will be brought to life in a Regency-era-themed ballroom and period costumes will allow you to feel as though you have entered a world of royalty.

Her Majesty Queen Charlotte is searching for her diamond of the season. She invites all of her guests to dance with music made popular in the Bridgerton soundtrack which will be performed live by a string quartet.

A dance show and acrobatic performance will take place throughout the evening, with actors creating an enchanting experience for all.

To capture the moments of the exclusive ball, there will be photo ops available for guests to show off their incredible night at the Ton.

image courtesy of, ballroom, ceiling, royal, chandelier


Event Information

Date: Starting in January 2022

Location: A secret location in Montreal

Price: Tickets starting at $45 per person

For more information, visit


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