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A Blast From The Past: WIN Visits Historic John & Yoko Suite 1742

Take a trip through Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel history as West Island News visits Suite 1742- the historic room John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed in during their 1969 Montreal Bed-In.

The Bed-In ( a form of non-violent protest) was held twice by Lennon & Ono in 1969, during the height of the Vietnam War. The first Bed-In took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the second was originally supposed to have been held in New York City. Unfortunately, Lennon was not allowed into the country as he had be caught with possession of cannabis. Given the choice between Toronto and Montreal, Lennon chose the latter and the rest is history. Not only did this Montreal event make headlines around the world- it also brought about one of Lennon's most famous songs: Give Peace A Chance.

Today, guests have the opportunity to stay in the very suite where the music icon made history all those years ago.

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