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7 sweet places to get delicious cabane à sucre meals!

Sugaring off season has started and there are many ways to quench that craving for devious maple syrup. Heres a list of places to get cabane à sucre style meals.


The initiative started with the idea to allow people across Quebec to enjoy their sugar shack meals and experience them from the comfort and safety of their homes during the pandemic. Ma Cabane à la Maison has partnered with many sugar shacks and metro grocery stores to help everyone get the delicious meals they deserve.

This authentic sugar shack is different from the rest because it is open year-round! It is located in Rigaud and will accommodate different to it visitors depending on the season. They say that at Sucrerie de la Montagne, "the maple syrup is produced the old-fashioned way; the tree is tapped with a spout, the sap collected in a pail and transported to a traditional wood-fired evaporator, where it is transformed into maple syrup."

Located in Oka, this apple farm took its twist on the traditional sugar shack and opened its unique Apple Shack featuring gourmet meals with their famous Oka cheese. Chef Sylvan Mercier highlights the flavor of Quebec terroir. Their Apple Shack is open all year long and the menu is based according to the season.

This farm located in Laval offers many devious maple-style meals with the accompaniment of Quebec-originated songs on the guitar. They pride themselves on how they grow their vegetables in a reasoned manner by not using any chemicals and insecticides. Unfortunately, this year they will not be opening up their doors for dining but will be offering "La Cabane à emporter" for everyone to enjoy the meals at home!

This beautiful auberge in Rigaud offers a warm place for all to enjoy maple-style meals and a cozy fire. Even though their maple production season is only from the end of February to the end of April, their products are available all year long. Unfortunately, Sucrerie des Gallants will not be opening its doors but will be available for take-out in collaboration with Ma Cabane à la Maison.

This sugar shack in Rigaud has been serving its guests for over 60 years will gourmet meals and maple sap straight for the boiler and the authentic wood-fired kettle. Like many other sugar shacks, they have decided to keep their doors closed this season but their amazing meals will be available to order with Ma Cabane à la Maison.

Although this restaurant located in St Laurent is not considered a sugar shack, their menu is filled with Quebec-style meals. They have both dinner and brunch menus that will satisfy the Quebec inside!


Let us know which sugar shack is your favorite in the comments below!


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