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5 places to donate funds in support of Ukraine

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Everyone wants to help and give hope to those suffering in Ukraine. Many want to donate clothes and supplies but since the war started, it has proven quite difficult to get the supplies to those in need.

Instead, here's a list of places to donate funds that will go towards humanitarian aid and to support the refugee crisis following the events in Ukraine:

The UN Refugee Agency is collecting donations to help those in Ukraine. They have partnered with authorities, the UN as well as other partners to help in the humanitarian effort. They are also working with bordering countries to help Ukrainians flee to a safer location.

Donating to the International Committee of the Red Cross helps the most vulnerable people in Ukraine. They are providing clean water and medical attention to all those who have been greatly affected by the violence. They aim to help 3 million people as well as find new living spaces for more than 66,000 people whose homes have been destroyed as a result of the war.

The CUF/UCC Humanitarian Appeal has already raised more than $5 million in aid to those hardest hit in the north, east, and south of the country. Donating will also help those who have made their way across the border as well as those families who have been internally displaced. The foundation will provide food to those living in Lviv and surrounding areas.

MSF (Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières) are working to resupply hospitals that are running short on essential supplies to help those that have been severely injured. The foundation is also on scene providing resources and training on how to deal with mass casualties and war surgeries. A donation will greatly help MSF get the supplies that they need to provide emergency medical care to those injured in the fighting.

This Concordia student-run fundraiser supports both local artists and humanitarian relief in Ukraine. In partnership with Red Cross, Canada Rocket Relief is selling locally designed merchandise with the funds going towards Red Cross Canada. help them reach their goal of $2,000 and support Montreal's student artists.

One interesting way that people have found to offer direct support is by renting out an Airbnb located in Ukraine for a given period of time. Simply head to Airbnb's website and book a stay at an Airbnb located in one of the many affected cities in Ukraine (Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kherson).

Of course, you won't actually stay there, but your payment will be put directly in the hands of a Ukrainian resident. Simply add a note upon booking that you have no intention of staying and that it is a donation.


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